„The key to success is to use the creative capacity of our mind to find solutions to the problems we encounter.“

Founder of Solution Mind

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  • born in 1980 in France
  • Biotechnology Engineer (Ecole supérieure d’ingénieurs de Luminy, Polytech Marseille, France)
  • 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry
  • 15 years of experience in group and project management at an international level
  • Certified coach (Ecole française de coaching, Paris, France)
  • Certified Hypnosis Master practitioner (Ecole d’hypnose de Paris, France)
  • Expert in behavioral intelligence
  • Certified DiSC® Behavioral Model Trainer
  • Certified horse-assisted coach (HorseDream®)
  • Certified kid and teenager coach (AKJC Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendcoaching)
  • Founder of Solution Mind
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My name is Aurélie Liebler. I was born in France in 1980. After graduating as a biotech engineer, I moved to Switzerland in 2006 and then to Germany in 2013. I worked for more than 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a manager of international groups and projects.
But life is not just about work and personal life sometimes allows you to develop your professional life and vice versa.

Indeed, I am passionate about horses. While I was having my first experiences as a manager, I bought my first horse. These two turns represented real challenges. With my team as well as with my horse, I had to develop my leadership skills to build trust and gain respect. As for my role as a manager, I attended a leadership development program while I trained in natural horsemanship to deal with my horse. As I was discovering Natural horsemanship, I realized that it teaches a lot more than leadership and partnership with horses. Its principles based on behavioral competencies also apply to human relations and professional life. Therefore I pursued trainings to combine learnings from both leadership programs and horse development programs: I obtained my certification as a professional equine-assisted coach in 2012 and my diploma as a natural horsemanship instructor in 2013. I applied everything I learned during these programs to my professional life.

Thanks to my experience in the pharmaceutical industry, I had the chance to work with different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Over the years, I realized that regardless of culture, function or title, finding what makes each person strong and developing their potential was the key to success for each person, leader or group of people. So my attention naturally turned to personal and professional development and more particularly to changes, because nowadays everything is changing and our development is closely linked to our ability to adapt to change...

Both in my personal and professional life, changes were imposed on me. Obstacles, fears or doubts, some changes turned out badly or rather the changes took place and I did not know how to adapt to them: unhappiness, sadness, frustration or anger... The emotions that accompanied these painful changes had nothing to do with success. I noticed that I was not the only one who had difficulty living through certain changes. My entourage as well as my colleagues, leaders or teams struggled with this. We are all concerned at one time or another in our lives by the challenges that accompany any change. Our mind is good at creating problems and excuses that sometimes lead us to ignore them, fighting or even backing away from change or the challenges that come with it. It's in the mind: our mind can make us lose as well as it can make us win. The key to success is to use the creative capacity of our mind to find solutions to the problems we encounter. Passionate about humans, their behaviors and their thinking mechanisms, I trained to deepen my knowledge in these areas. As a certified coach from the French school of coaching, I specialized in behavioral intelligence and modified states of consciousness. I developed the Solution Mind approach and help companies and individuals to develop an expert mind in the creation of solutions that are essential to achieving their goals in a constantly changing world.

Education and trainings

Master degree in Biotechnology Engineering (Ecole Supérieure d‘Ingénieurs de Luminy, Polytech Marseille, France)
Horse-Assisted Coaching (HorseDream® certification)
Natural Horsemanship Instructor (Founder of the Equifeel Academy)
Certified DiSC® Behavioral Model Trainer
Hypnosis Practitioner (Ecole d'Hypnose de Paris, France)
Hypnosis Master Practitioner (Ecole d'Hypnose de Paris, France)
Neuro Linguistic Programming Training (Ecole MHD Formation, Paris, France)
Coaching Certification, RNCP Title (Ecole française de coaching, Paris, France)
Psychopathology (Dr. Guillaume Poupard, Ecole MHD Formation, Paris, France)
Systemic Analysis (Ecole MHD Formation, Paris, France)
Kid and Teenager coach (Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendcoaching)

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